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Looking for a Dentist in Castle Rock, CO? Our team of experts at Prairie Hawk Dental is committed to providing you with the best dental care possible. We want you to maintain a beautiful smile for years to come. Our team of dentists, Dr. Goodman, Dr. Young, and Dr. English, offer a wide variety of dental services to their patients from Castle Rock, Colorado. The team also utilizes advanced technology to make the dental experience more comfortable and accurate. 


Your Castle Rock Dental Services

Prairie Hawk Dental offers dental services for the whole family, from cosmetic dentistry to sleep apnea treatment to oral surgery. The dentists at Prairie Hawk Dental are trained in helping you maintain good oral health and repair or improve it if necessary. 


Family Dentist in Castle Rock, CO

There are several reasons to choose a family dentist in Castle Rock, Colorado. When you and your family visit the same dentist, you can schedule convenient appointments, and your dentist understands more about your family’s dental genetics. For example, at Prairie Hawk Dental, families can schedule dental appointments back to back, meaning we can treat the entire family in our dental office on the same day. This is more convenient for many families. 


Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you should treat the condition to avoid health concerns. In our dental office, we offer two sleep apnea solutions. Often, patients experience OSA because the anatomy of their airways is compressed. The compression could lead to snoring, and eventually can stop breathing while sleeping. Prairie Hawk Dental’s first solution to sleep apnea is a dental appliance. The appliance will shift your jaw to open up your airway while sleeping. If this solution is not successful, your dentist may recommend oral surgery. 


Oral Surgery

Our dentist offers a few different types of oral surgery in Castle Rock, Colorado. Prairie Hawk Dental offers bone grafting, extraction site prevention, and extractions. Bone grafting creates more of a bony prominence for a restoration to fix. One example of bone grafting is in dental implant placement. If there is not enough jawbone under the missing tooth, your dentist may add bone to the area to place the dental implant. 

Our dentists may recommend a tooth extraction for many different reasons. Common tooth extraction reasons include wisdom teeth removal and the extraction of a severely decayed or infected tooth. Some extractions are simple and can be done under minimal sedatives, while others are more complex during oral surgery. Following your extraction, your dentist may recommend a dental restoration to protect your jawbone and gums. Once we remove a tooth, the jawbone is no longer stimulated, which leads to bone loss and shifting of the teeth. Tooth extractions, except for wisdom teeth extractions, should be followed up with a dental restoration such as a dental implant to prevent movement or bone loss. 


Dental Technology in Castle Rock, CO

Prairie Hawk Dental is proud to have a variety of advanced dental technology available in the office. Examples of the office’s technological advances are a CEREC machine, digital x-ray, Orthophos SL-Ai, intraoral camera, and a Solea laser. Dentists at Prairie Hawk Dental can perform same-day crown restorations with this technology. The digital x-ray and intraoral camera can take pictures of your teeth used in the CEREC machine to form the porcelain crown. The dentists can also take accurate images in minutes with the Orthophos SL-Ai. Lastly, dentists can make oral surgery more comfortable with the Solea laser. There is a decreased need for numbing medication during surgery with this laser. The laser also creates a reduced risk for infection and quicker recovery times. 


Your Castle Rock, CO dentist, is Prairie Hawk Dental, a welcoming place dedicated to your wellbeing. Our dentists offer a wide range of dental procedures and advanced technology. If you are interested in Prairie Hawk Dental or would like to schedule an appointment, call our office today. 

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