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Sleep Apnea

At Prairie Hawk Dental, we are dedicated to supplying the people of Castle Rock with the highest available treatments and preventative care needed to make your dental experience as blissful as possible. To make our goal possible, we offer amazing preventive and restorative options and, most recently, sleep apnea treatments. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or believe you could be suffering, our VIVOSⓇ system is something for you.

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Sleep Apnea

VIVOS System

Before the new VIVOS system, sleep apnea was treated with a lifetime of every night use of a CPAP machine to help clear airways when sleeping. A blockage of the airway causes sleep apnea due to the underdevelopment of the upper and lower jaw, making it hard to breathe when sleeping.


Instead of having to endure a lifetime of using machines to help you breathe, you can permanently make the changes to ensure you have a peaceful and healthy sleep.


With the new VIVOS DNA appliance (daytime-nighttime appliance), permanent correction of the upper and lower jaw just became possible. This appliance works similarly to that braces by applying steady pressure against your upper jaw, causing your teeth to slightly move to open your airway.

DNA Appliance Benefits

Here are some benefits of using the DNA appliance:

  • Similar structure to the orthodontic retainer, making the appliance comfortable and easy to wear.
  • The appliance must only be worn in the evening and at night for anywhere from 12-24 months to recreate the structure of your airway.
  • A non-surgical and non-invasive way to help you start breathing better while sleeping.
  • Due to its expansion of the palate, it improves facial structure naturally, helping the alignment of your teeth and giving more confidence in your smile.
  • It permanently changes the airway structure and is completely customized to your mouth.

If you suffer from sleep apnea or believe you could have it, please don’t hesitate to call us! Having a normal and peaceful night’s sleep is essential to everyday life; take advantage of this new technology designed to help you!

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