Orthophos SL-Ai



The true all-in-one imaging unit.

With the Orthophos SL, your practice is extremely well prepared for various treatment situations. On the 2D side, the groundbreaking DCS sensor and SL technology satisfy the requirements of practitioners with very high demands for panoramic imaging. In 3D, you can decide (now or later) between the 8 cm x 8 cm or 11 cm x 10 cm volume unit. Both units offer a variety of collimations.

Combined with the pioneering Sidexis 4 imaging software, the Orthophos SL gives you access to various innovative treatment solutions. Orthophos SL 3D can be equipped at any time with a cephalometric arm.

Patients appreciate the soothing Ambient Light, which offers a choice of over 30 colors for a pleasant atmosphere in your X-ray room that fits perfectly into the look of your practice.

What makes the Orthophos SL special?

More possibilities for your practice without compromises.


Revolutionary 2D DCS images for efficient diagnosis
Thanks to the DCS (Direct Conversion Sensor) technology which skips light conversion and therefore maintains more image information, you benefit from unparalleled sharp images.


All teeth automatically in the sharp layer
The sharp layer technology automatically adapts the panoramic curve to the patient‘s individual anatomical features, ensuring that the entire jaw is always in the sharp layer.


Variety of volumes for more treatment options
A selectable field of view starting at a focused 5 cm x 5.5 cm volume and going up to 11 cm x 10 cm for upper airway analysis allows for a broader practice offering.


Automatic positioning aids optimize your practice workflow
The new EasyPad, patented occlusal bite block, Easy Volume Indicator lights and 3-Point Head Fixation: never has it been easier to perfectly position patients quickly and efficiently.



Feature highlights 3D Low Dose mode
The safety of 3D images at the dose level of 2D X-rays. This is what the Low Dose mode offers for a large number of indications.

With the MARS reconstruction software, visualization of metal artifacts is reduced in both the near- and far-field views.

High Definition (HD)
For certain indications, i.e. visualization of fine root canals, a high definition (HD) mode shows all necessary details at the click of a button.

Direct Conversion Sensor
DCS technology converts X-rays directly into electrical signals, with no information loss due to light conversion. For razor-sharp, high-contrast panoramic X-ray images of exceptional quality.

Sharp Layer (SL) technology
On each X-ray image, the entire jaw is automatically shown in the sharp layer, taking the patient’s individual anatomical features into account.

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