Dental Sealants

Adult and Child

Dental Sealants

We love helping the people of Castle Rock fix all oral problems in any way we can, but we also think it’s important to take every preventative measure possible to protect your teeth. Here at Prairie Hawk Dental, along with the regular 6-month cleanings, we also offer and suggest adult and child dental sealants!

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How Dental Sealants Help Prevent Dental Problems

The dental sealant is a resin mixture, that is placed and sealed in the deepest pits of the chewing surfaces of your back teeth.
Using a special light to seal the sealant, the material hardens, making a smooth cover for molars or premolars.
Having the sealant makes it hard for germs and food to make their way into the most vulnerable parts of the teeth that we can’t always get to by brushing.
Dental sealants can last years but also get worn down due to eating habits. It is important to get sealants checked every standard 6-month cleaning and replace them if necessary.

Do only Children need Sealants?

The answer is no! Even though it is often mainly recommended for children to get sealants, here at Prairie Hawk Dental, we recommend that everyone in Castle Rock invest in dental sealants. This protective cover of the pits and fissures in your teeth can help you fight the risk of decay so that your teeth will stay strong and healthy.

Why are Dental Sealants Beneficial?

For Children

New adult teeth erupting are vulnerable to decay. Once new molars or premolars erupt, it is recommended to put a sealant on them to lower the risks of early cavities.
The back molars are hard for a child to reach, and they might not get completely cleaned all the time. The sealant will then act as an extra cover to fight against decay.
Dental sealants are completed within 5 minutes or less for each tooth; this fast and easy sealant could also help prevent longer and maybe uncomfortable procedures in the future that would be used to delete decay.

For Adults

In the case of the enamel of the teeth become weak, a sealant would help those never before decayed teeth stay strong.
Even though your teeth aren’t new doesn’t change their susceptibility to decay, it is always intelligent to take protective measures.
Reaching the deepest parts of your teeth is hard to clean properly, even as an adult.

We recommend that children and adults take advantage of what we offer here at Prairie Hawk Dental to help protect your teeth from decay. If you would like to know more about the benefits or have any questions about dental sealants, call us; we would love to help!

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