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Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Castle Rock, CO

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Cosmetic dental procedures are highly beneficial in today’s world, and more patients tend to get these treatments for both improving their smile and oral health in general. There are different cosmetic dental procedures out there that are worth knowing about, especially if you’ve been thinking about considering further dental treatment or perhaps been recommended by your dentist to do so.


What Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Are Available?

When it comes to Cosmetic Dentistry in Castle Rock, Colorado, there are plenty of options to choose from. Implants are great if you have one or more teeth that are missing and that you haven’t replaced. These are permanently screwed into the mouth and can look just like your other existing teeth. Veneers are popular for those looking for a more uniformed, brighter smile. It’s great for those who are looking to cover up stained teeth that aren’t fixable with teeth whitening. Crowns are essentially a ‘cap’ for your tooth. They are something that sits on the top of your tooth in order to improve its appearance. It’s also good for those who have broken or worn-down teeth.


Fixed & removable orthodontics is more commonly referred to as braces that can either be fixed to your teeth or removable, but both are able to help with the realignment of your teeth. They help to straighten out any crooked teeth and are useful for both adults and children. Composite bonding is a type of veneer that can be done a little quicker than traditional porcelain veneers, however they will eventually stain and don’t last as long. White fillings are a more common cosmetic procedure that you’d usually get with cosmetic dentistry and are a tooth-colored resin and glass mixture. It can help to restore a decayed or broken tooth. Dentures have also certainly improved in functionality and fit over the years and can be great for those who lost most of their teeth.


What Procedures Are Involved With Cosmetic Dentistry, Colorado?

With most cosmetic dentistry, it varies in terms of its level of invasiveness to the teeth itself. Some can be fairly minimal, while others are a little more intense. Composite bonding, for example, is a fairly quick procedure but implants are going to take a little longer to fit and so you should consider this when it comes to deciding on the procedure that’s right for you. Implants and orthodontics are going to be invasive, and it will require more than one trip to the dentist in order to get the work done. 

A consultation should be expected when it comes to any type of cosmetic dentistry in order to figure out what the best option is for you and your teeth. You may go in thinking that you need one sort of procedure but that your dentist recommends something completely different. Follow the advice of your dentist as they’ll know what’s going to be better for your teeth in the long-run.


Cosmetic dentistry is something worth getting in order to improve the health and appearance of your teeth. Be sure to do the research on what’s available before moving forward with any type of procedure.