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Common Restorative Dentistry Procedures

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If you are experiencing problems with your teeth such as empty spaces in the mouth or missing teeth then having a restorative service can transform the overall appearance of the mouth. If you are in the area of Castle Rock or Colorado, then the Prairie Hawk Dental would be the best place to get that perfect smile. 


Having a restorative dentistry procedure is perfect for filling any spaces you may have to assist with aligning your teeth to avoid moving or twisting of the teeth. Filling or replacing teeth will make it easier to maintain healthy oral health. Restoring teeth can also prevent plaque build-up while avoiding potential problems in the future linked to plague. 


It is never a nice feeling when you have a gap in your teeth, but services like these can transform your self-confidence and will often make you smile more as you won’t be worried about your appearance. We are positive that you will look stunning at first glance as well as in photos with that picture-perfect smile. 


Multiple different options can be considered to achieve the perfect smile. If you are struggling with cavities or a tooth is weakening then opting for a filling or crown can be resolved by using materials such as gold, or porcelain to fill the tooth, or a tooth cap can be placed over a tooth to make it more durable and less prone to chipping. 


Bridges can often be an excellent method for those gaps due to missing teeth. This will connect the crowns and fill the space to avoid any further movement while allowing you teeth to work like healthy and looking natural. 


Another reliable method is to install a dental implant to replace any missing teeth you may have. Your dentist will insert the metal anchor into your jawbone to make the procedure look as natural as your healthy teeth. 


After you have had your restorative dentistry procedure, there are a few things you need to do to look after your teeth and the work that has been completed as well as things that should already be in your daily routine such as brushing your teeth twice a day thoroughly you will need to add some other key factors to ensure that your results will last for an extended period at a high-quality. 


Switching up your regular toothbrush to an electric will help to remove plaque following with flossing your teeth every day as well as the restorative work. To avoid any damage to the work, try not to eat hard or sticky foods as these will make procedures such as implants, bridges and crowns to move and could damage the metalwork. To finish your overall routine use a mouthwash that is antibacterial to ensure you do not have any plague growing in and around the restorative work along maintaining a healthy mouth as a whole. 


Hopefully, this guide will give you an insight into the restorative dentistry procedures we provide, how they will help you and how to switch up your routine to look after your mouth after the work has been done.